Google+ Webinar Series

Are you still in the dark about Google Plus?

Be honest:

  • Have you completed your personal Google+ profile?
  • Is your G+ Business Page complete and fully functional?
  • Have you verified and optimized your G+ Local page?
  • Do you know how, why and when to use G+ Circles?

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, you are missing out on 2014’s biggest marketing opportunity.  You simply can’t afford to ignore Google+ any longer:

Why Google+?

  • Google+ has now enabled over 1 billion accounts.
  • Google+ has nearly 400 million monthly active users.
  • Google+ is growing at 33% per year.
  • The 45 to 54 year old Google+ user bracket has grown by 56% since 2012.
  • Most importantly, Google is rapidly integrating G+ into all of its other properties – including Google Search, YouTube, Google Reviews and more.

If you aren’t an active Google+ business user yet, here and now is your opportunity to learn everything you need to know to get started.

Register for G+ Marketing for Painting Contractors today. Your five-part webinar series is designed to get you and your business up to speed and out in front of the competition.

Your investment? A one-time payment of only $97 – that’s less than $20 per live webinar session.

What You’ll Learn…

We show you exactly how Google+ works and how to get started, including how to:

  • Create your personal account on Google+
  • Complete your profile and create your personal Circles
  • Connect with the right people – and with their connections
  • Create and build out a Google+ page for your business
  • Verify and optimize your Google+ Local page for your business
  • Take advantage of Google+ integrations
  • Strategically use G+ Circles, Pages, Events, Communities, Hangouts and more – to grow your visibility and influence across all of  Google’s properties
  • What You’ll Get…

    • Over 5 hours of detailed Google+ training via live webinar
    • Unlimited access to presentation notes and slides
    • Unlimited access to video replays of all webinars
    • Google+ Quick Start guide to help you get immediate results
    • Free membership in a private (invitation-only) Google+ Community for ongoing learning, support and connection

    It’s Not Too Late To Be Early…

    Most of your competitors haven’t yet discovered the huge marketing potential of Google+.  Be the first in your market to master Google+ and start using it to your advantage in 2014.  Register today for this 5-part webinar series.

    Your investment is only $97. How much can you afford to lose by continuing to ignore Google+?

    Questions about the G+ Marketing course?